About the project

About the project:

This project (AdminPE) – my hobby.
I use this boot disk on a daily work,
and I share with others their experiences, knowledge and best practices.
It was created and designed to the needs and system administrators.

This boot disk in any case does not claim to be the best.
As it has its own peculiarities, its pluses and minuses.
Since it is impossible to create a perfect (because only God is capable of such)
I look forward to any suggestions, advice, criticism, and just reviews.

This project will be refined and improved as the forces and capabilities.
If you want to help in its development, please write to admin@adminpe.ru

Sincerely, Mikhail (KopBuH91).


This project would not have happened if there had not been used in the work of several more people

I express my thanks:
Xemmom1 – for the core
conty9 – for advice and assembly Paragon HDM
Joker-2013 – for criticism, and not only
avalat – for the design of graphical menu GRUB4DOS
nikzzzz – the finalization LetterSwap.au3
Sonya – for SonyaPE (a separate add-on assembly)
Arthur O. – for website hosting and other assistance.

And all the rest – for the feedback, advice, found bugs and criticism.


P.S.: Sorry for my english – im Russian boy, not good speak at english :).