Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Question: How do I write the PE to disk?
Answer: You can write AdminPE_UEFI.iso to DVD with any program to burn ISO images (UltraISO, Nero, etc.)

Question: How I can create a bootable USB flash drive to this PE?
Answer: Manual “Creating a bootable USB drive (UEFI-GRUB) .mht” is a part of the distribution.
Also you can read this manual here.

Question: How I can add this PE to the other bootable USB flash drive, where there are already other PE or executable?
Answer: I don’t know – too many assemblies, for each needs own manual.

Question: How I can add into PE archive module that I needed (like Acronis for Linux)?
Answer: Unpack the archive module into the root of the boot flash-drive with the replace files.
Programs will appear in the menu GRUB4DOS (Legacy boot) and rEFInd (when booting UEFI) automatically.

Question: How I can add own driver for automatically installed during initialization of the device?
Answer: Put the files of necessary drivers (* .inf; * sys; * cat..) to the folder (without subfolders, driver files only!!):
for x86:
[flash drive:] \ AdminPE32 \ Windows \ System32 \ driverstore \ FileRepository \
for x64:
[flash drive:] \ AdminPE64 \ Windows \ System32 \ driverstore \ FileRepository \

Question: The description says that the PE is designed to work with Windows 8.1.
Will it work with other systems (XP / 7/8), with any restrictions?
Answer: It will be. The assembly created based on Windows 8.1, but of course also works with other operation systems.
On other operation systems will not fully work MSDaRT 8 / 8.1 (it is designed for Windows 8 / 8.1).
Also, some of the functions in the PE designed for a specific operation system (what the indicated in the shortcut title).

Question: In the PE distribution indicate that the build version is 05.2015. But the release date is 04/20/2015. Why?.
Answer: This PE is updated regularly. Typically, once a month release next update.
For various reasons, I can not put the new PE exacly at the end of month or at the beginning of the next month.
So, the PE is available for download a few days earlier because need any time for seed it on the tracker.
For this reason the release date is 04/20/2015, but the build version is 05.2015.

Question: Why I can’t delete or edit some files on the disks, like as in other LiveCD?
Answer: PE is created as RamOS (running as Administrator permissions, not SYSTEM)
This gives the possility to operate on a network and with shared folders – like as in usual operating system.
Solution: run the “Explorer ++ with the system permissions” by right clicking on the shortcut.
This is match as you work with explorer in the usual LiveCD, where it runs wit SYSTEM permissions.

Question: I want to create my own bootable operating system (WinPE build). How can I do it?.
Answer: To create a WinPE bootable live cd’s you need know Windows and applied software very well.
It’s necessary to read the information on specified forums like (, OSZone.Net,,
Also, it takes a long time, in addition to desire and patience.
I wish you good luck at your beginnings :)

Question: I can not find here the answer to my question. What can i do?.
Answer: You can search answer from our youtube channel. Or write it to us via e-mail